Vigard™ Ballistic Fragmentation Visor




Vigard™ ballistic fragmentation visor protects against .44 mag and 9mm bullets at Fragmentation ranges from V50 of 500-700m/s. It meets NIJ Level IIIA requirements.

Vigard™ ballistic visor is laminated with PMMA and polycarbonate with proprietary TPU interlayer, designed to offer protection against multiple hits from a ballistic threat, as well as fragmentation and blunt impact. Vigard visor protects the entire facial area from the helmet rim to below the chin area.

With no air-space between layers, Vigard has the highest light transmission, minimal distortion, and least weight and thickness compared to other visors offering the same ballistic protection.

The Vigard ballistic visor can be retrofitted onto full coverage PASGT or COMBAT (ACH) style helmets with our unique Visor Fastening System (VFS).

VFS allows the visor to be securely mounted to the helmet with adjustable rear lock, and quickly attached or detached to most ballistic helmets. Vigard visor can also be permanently fixed to the helmet, or fixed to our Herail™ Helmet Rails using mounting hardware and adapters.

The visor can be locked into 3 positions including fully elevated, 45 degrees and deployed.

Vigard™ ballistic visor is supplied to most of the major ballistic helmet manufacturers worldwide for military, para-military, law enforcement, bomb disposal, and EOD applications.


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